Residencia Casa Estudio Crisol - Hospedaje, pensión, piezas y alojamiento para estudiantes en Concepción
Concepción is the largest city in the south of Chile. It was founded by Pedro de Valdivia in 1550. It has almost 2 million inhabitants and its a financial, cultural and college hub. Gathering hundreds of thousands of young men and women who study in its colleges and universities.

When you think about Concepción, downtown Concepción images come to mind, where you can visit places such as:

Plaza Perú and Barrio Universitario: Nightlife bohemian epicenter of the city. Youth gathering hotspot.

Plaza Independencia and Downtown Concepción: On the 1st of January 1818 in this place is where Bernardo O’Higgins signed and declared Chile’s independence. You can find shops, banks, hotels and cafes on it’s surroundings.

Biobio river side: Just inagurated in 2000. It hosts a shopping mall and the regional theatre. Spectacular, amazing views of the river.

Ecuador Park: Or Concepción Metropolitan Park, it stretches from Av. Arturo Prat to University of Concepción, its the city’s green lung.

But there are also places you can find just minutes away from the city’s downtown, such as:

Tomé: A town with a textil past. Beautiful beaches, cafes and restaurants all over the place.

Dichato: White sand beaches and a wide range of sea food restaurants.

Lenga: Fisherman village. Beach and the region’s best sea food restaurants.

If you came to Concepción to study, by job reasons or just visiting town, book a room in Residencia Casa Estudio Crisol, just 8 squares from the city’s main plaza.